NV Properties


Northern Virginia Properties was started in 1987 by Rocco DeLeonardis who is currently the principal broker/manager.  Rocco became a Virginia attorney in 1996 and practiced law until 2016. He also operated a title company from 2002 through 2008, and is now managing NV Properties full time.


NV Properties recently merged with Northern Virginia Homes, NV Commercial, LLC, NV Properties, LLC, NV Homes, LLC, and Stein & Associates, in Washington DC and Maryland.  Northern Virginia Homes, NV Commercial and Stein & Associates were previously owned and operated by Richard Rager, who is still the principal broker of Northern Virginia Homes, and NV Properties in Maryland and Washington DC.


Currently NV Properties is licensed and doing business in the three jurisdictions, VA, MD, DC, and operates as a real estate broker, property manager, general contractor and property developer in one or more jurisdiction and Northern Virginia Homes is exclusively properties in Virginia including new homes.


NV Properties has recently reorganized and upgraded its business and customer process and is again a leader in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland area.